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Project I'M READY aims to provide culturally diverse education and resources for Librarians working with Native American students in high poverty rural areas of Oklahoma.

Project I’M READY has two primary goals. The first project goal is to educate 21st century school librarians to serve in culturally diverse, high poverty rural areas of Oklahoma, serving Native American students. The second project goal is to develop and disseminate culturally sensitive, digital curriculum and learning resources to improve K-12 pedagogy in the targeted areas.

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In 2011 Northeastern State University received a grant from Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to fund Project I’m Ready.

The project is focused on the production, implementation, and assessment of the learning resources, multimedia teaching tools and curricular needs for K-12 teachers and their students. In 2012 NSU teamed up with the Center For Digital Archaeology (CoDA), and Educational Specialists at Washington State University (WSU), to extend the life of Project I’m Ready.

The extension of the project is aimed at highlighting the progress of the project including the successes of program’s graduates, exemplar curriculum materials, and the production of a dedicated online portal leveraging the unique functionalities of Mukurtu CMS.

The portal provides access to the materials in culturally appropriate ways allowing content to be reusable, scalable, and preserved.

The Project I’m Ready site is designed to provide access to culturally sensitive digital curriculum and learning resources to improve K-12 pedagogy in targeted areas and beyond.

Leveraging the quality opensource framework of Mukurtu CMS, the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA), alongside WSU, has worked with NSU and the Project I’m Ready graduates to generate this site.

In keeping with Mukurtu core values, and incorporating the aims of Project I’m Ready, the site is designed to share and exchange resources and materials in ethically and culturally responsible ways.

One of the key features of the site is the ability to define the sharing protocols for culturally sensitive content so that is is only viewable by those that have access. We call these cultural protocols... Learn more about sharing settings on cultural protocols and communities here!

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One of the amazing qualities of the Project I’m Ready site is that content that should be open can be, and content that should be protected is protected.

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